3D Time History of Particle Velocity

3D Time History of Particle Velocity – visualization of records of the medium’s vibration velocities over time in three directions – X, Y, Z. The maximum positive and negative peak velocities along three axes – Peak Particle Velocity – PPV are also shown. These values are used to estimate the degree of impact in cases where the norms limit the permissible PPVs (for example, in impact assessment and optimization of the number of impacts in impact works). AVA software provides fast interactive movement and scaling of graphics. The vector values of the velocities in three planes – XY, XZ and YZ – are also displayed. When GPS signals are available, the recordings are time-synchronized by the UCT system and the positioning point can be visualized in Google Maps or Google Earth. There is an option in AVA that provides time synchronization between recordings made by different velocigraphs. Splicing and editing of SEG-2 files is possible. If desired by the user, 3D Time History of Particle Velocity can be saved in DXF or tabular format.

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