Defence Technologies

How can rapid decisions be made based on vibration monitoring?
Accurate vibration monitoring is widely used in all defence technologies. We have made it our business to monitor and analyse critical components and systems for vibrations using the AVA Software.  You can increase aircraft, tank, and ship availability, extend component life and minimise downtime. Accurate geolocation is also possible through the AVA Software to better define targets or defence strategies.

How can AVA Software assist?

The AVA Software can analyse and locate the precise detonation site using the data acquired in the field. This method serves as an additional orientation and adjustment method for the target devices.  The method is independent of the weather situation and the availability of GPS signals because only the seismic waves and their velocities, accelerations, and displacements of the subsurface are used and evaluated for localisation, as in the case of earthquake detection.

Special vehicles
The observation of vibrations and oscillations can lead to a minimisation of maintenance interference and a longer service life for all special defence vehicles. 

We offer customized solutions
Pedestrian Bridge - Germany
Bridges monitoring and analysis of induced vibrations
Highway Bridge - Germany
Three-lane highway bridges monitoring and analyzing induced vibrations during the passage of cars and trucks over a bridge structure
Bridge - Eastern Europe
Monitoring induced vibrations in a 320m-long bridge due to car traffic
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