Why should you monitor your civil engineering structures?

The construction of large infrastructure facilities such as bridges, tunnels, highways, walls for water plants, and railway lines are associated with the induction of large vibrations in the foundation as the noise level rises significantly.

Monitoring the design acceleration is also an essential factor in the construction and operation of all infrastructure facilities. This monitoring is particularly important for facilities located in seismically active zones. In the warranty and non-warranty maintenance of these facilities, in addition to checking the wear of the structure and the materials embedded in it, the change in the natural frequency of oscillation and the change in acceleration as well as the settlement of the structure must be controlled.

How can AVA Software assist?
The AVA Software can analyze and compare the design with the measured vibration parameters and the levels of settlement or displacement of the structure. These levels can be set as critical in the software and the tan effect analyzed. Measurements and analysis may also be performed during the construction stage, warranty period and beyond the warranty period during periodic inspections to ensure proper operation of the facility and to prevent emergencies. 

Bridges are built from steel profiles, steel ropes, concrete, stones or a combination of these materials, which requires periodic monitoring with AVA Software of the set design parameters such as acceleration, and settlement of the bridge. The measurement of material wear and, accordingly, the change in the own frequency of oscillation is also particularly important.

Tunnels and Underground Structures
The AVA Software provides condition monitoring of structural vibration, displacement and settlement of existing tunnels and underground structures such as galleries, shafts, and deep excavations. Earlier detection of problem areas and online monitoring of specific sections is possible.

The AVA  Software helps to monitor the entire railway network. In order to obtain precise data, it is recommended that the recording sensors be placed on the railway line and simultaneously measured from the wagons, thus correlating the data and achieving monitoring of the condition of the railway track and the wagons’ undercarriage. This way protection against rapid wear is achieved.

We offer customized solutions
Pedestrian Bridge - Germany
Bridges monitoring and analysis of induced vibrations
Highway Bridge - Germany
Three-lane highway bridges monitoring and analyzing induced vibrations during the passage of cars and trucks over a bridge structure
Automobile - Germany
Car engine (from BMW model X5) vibrations analysis depending on temperature and different oil types
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