Measurements & Monitoring

We offer complete solutions for data acquisition up to complete evaluation, monitoring, and elaboration of proposals for problem-solving. The data acquisition can be done with our own high-precision vibration measurement equipment SUMMIT M VIPA of the manufacturer DMT, Essen Germany or can be analyzed and evaluated for the evaluation of already acquired data and data acquired by third parties.

The competencies and more than 30 years of experience of the project team in data acquisition and data analysis enable a wide range of industrial applications and project handling. Due to the compact and portable dimensions of the hardware our engineers can quickly reach any need worldwide and quickly perform the necessary measurements. An on-site analysis is performed at the measurement location while the development and vibration analysts analyse the data in the backup office and work out suggestions for solving the problem. Depending on the project and the customer, software development can also be carried out to solve the specific problem.     

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