Mechanical Equipment

Why is it important to monitor the vibrations of motors?
At some point in its life, a motor is likely to experience high levels of vibration. What is the cause behind this maintenance phenomenon? It could be defective or rubbing parts, electromagnetic or mechanical imbalance, loose or worn components, defective bearings or resonance.

How can AVA Software assist?
When a problem occurs with an engine, it is crucial to quickly identify the source of the problem and take repair action. Using advanced diagnostic software such as the AVA Software can save you money and downtime.

Electric Engines
Shaft vibration vs. casing vibration
If the vibration is coming from the casing, we use the AVA Software to analyse the casing vibration data. If the problem is coming from the rotor, the software analyses the shaft vibration information. Additional factors can affect the data, be aware that other factors such as noise, amplitude modulation, and combined signals can affect the information. Once you have calculated your data, find out under which operating conditions the motor vibrations increase, decrease, or stay the same. Different settings can affect the magnitude of the oscillations. A coupled, loaded, stabilised, and fully energised machine should be your controlled variable under normal conditions. Measurable operating conditions that can separate certain variables include:

Fuel engines
Comparison of the engine behaviour when using different oil manufacturers and driven km.
Analysis of synchronous and non-synchronous vibration signals.
Analysis of engine cycles and kinematic phases.
Comparison of results, forecasting, and trend Cylinder-phase alignment.

Rolling bearings
Rolling bearings occur in various machines such as motors, pumps, and fans. Rolling bearings are either tested with hand-held measuring devices or monitored with permanently installed systems. The acceleration data is usually evaluated and analysed during rolling bearing diagnostics with the AVA Software. 

We offer customized solutions
Automobile - Germany
Car engine (from BMW model X5) vibrations analysis depending on temperature and different oil types
Highway Bridge - Germany
Three-lane highway bridges monitoring and analyzing induced vibrations during the passage of cars and trucks over a bridge structure
Bridge - Eastern Europe
Monitoring induced vibrations in a 320m-long bridge due to car traffic
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