Mining Monitoring

Why is it important to monitor your mining project?
Monitoring blasting and limiting the impact on the environment as well as protecting adjacent infrastructure is one of the main objectives of mining. In the event of an explosion at the mine, there are two effects that can be felt by neighbouring homes and building owners, which are vibration and air overpressure. For this purpose, controlled blasting activities are used extensively, and the preparation of microseismic maps of the mining area and its adjacent impact areas is necessary. In these impact areas, the individual parameters can be visualized with field isolines which will show the acceleration parameters, seismic wave velocity, and displacements of the earth layers, as well as the air overpressure.

How can AVA Software assist?
The AVA Software allows the simultaneous analysis of several measuring stations in the measurement area and the visualization and analysis of the vibration parameters. With the help of these, experienced engineers can carry out microseismic mapping and optimization of blasting works.

Microseismic Map 
To produce an accurate microseismic map a minimum of 3 measuring instruments are required to perform the measurements simultaneously. As the number of measuring devices increases, so does the accuracy of the microseismic map. These maps differ from seismic activity maps since they mark the induced seismicity in areas where an earthquake is not expected to occur. They are very widely used in open-pit mines which, due to blasting operations, must protect nearby towns and villages as well as infrastructure such as roads, railway lines, power plants, electrical substations, water supply pipelines and other facilities. In underground mining galleries, it is important to protect nearby air turbines, and underground utilities, among others.

Blasting Optimization
Minimizing blasting helps to reduce the blast wave effect and the cost of explosive required to detonate a unit of rock mass. Blasting optimization finds great application in open pit mines as well as in tunnel construction and mining galleries by determining the exact amount of rock mass to be blasted.

We offer customized solutions
Pedestrian Bridge - Germany
Bridges monitoring and analysis of induced vibrations
Highway Bridge - Germany
Three-lane highway bridges monitoring and analyzing induced vibrations during the passage of cars and trucks over a bridge structure
Automobile - Germany
Car engine (from BMW model X5) vibrations analysis depending on temperature and different oil types
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