Oil and Gas

Why is vibration monitoring important for the safety warranty of your oil and gas machines and equipment?
Safe and long-term vibration monitoring of machinery used in hazardous oil and gas operations, including onshore or offshore production drilling rigs, petrochemicals, and refineries, is a priority for all operators. Equipment monitoring centres use vibration analysis/diagnostics to detect signs of a mechanical problem, monitor the base/trend condition of machinery, and provide early warning of faults and potential damage. 

How can AVA Software assist?
The versatility of AVA software can be ideally adapted to the needs of monitoring engineers in the oil and gas industry to immediately report all vibration and shock violations as alarms. Detailed analysis and various recordings and level sets are also possible on the typical oil and gas machinery/plants where vibration monitoring products – chillers, blowers, centrifuges, etc.

We offer customized solutions
Pedestrian Bridge - Germany
Bridges monitoring and analysis of induced vibrations
Highway Bridge - Germany
Three-lane highway bridges monitoring and analyzing induced vibrations during the passage of cars and trucks over a bridge structure
Bridge - Eastern Europe
Monitoring induced vibrations in a 320m-long bridge due to car traffic
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